Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bentall Floor Play - Ball Hockey Tournament

On Saturday November 19th we are please to announce that the Bentall Centre Athletic Club will be hosting a ball hockey tournament in the Bentall 4 parkade. Known as “Bentall Floor Play”, 16 teams will be going head to head in a 4 on 4 double-knockout style tournament, with 50% of the proceeds going to support the BC Cancer Foundation.

The event starts at 10am and will feature complimentary refreshments from Molson Canadian, and catering from the Ringside Lounge. All teams competing will receive logoed T-shirts, food, refreshments and of course a chance to win the coveted Bentall “Floor Play” Cup! DJ Alltunes will be mixing it up all day to provide a festival atmosphere that will rock the downtown core.

The registration fee is $50 per individual or $200 for a team of 4. We are still looking for teams to fill the competition roster. Please call 604 837 6026 for entry details or email Or call the club 604 689 4424 and ask for Robin Russell.

The location of the tournament is on levels 1 and 2 of the Thurlow Parkade, and is found just off on the cul-de-sac of Eveleigh Street, which is just off Thurlow Street between Dunsmuir and West Pender. You can also find us by entering the Bentall Centre Athletic Club, which is located in the lower plaza of Bentall tower 4 at 1055 Dunsmuir Street Vancouver.

Please bring your hockey stick and gloves are recommended. We are encouraging Co-Ed teams, featuring small nets (no goalies), and Non-contact family fun. All friends and family are welcome to come play, or just enjoy the event.

I hope to see you there!!


Sunday, September 4, 2011

GranFondo Whistler - Sept 10th 2011

I’m pretty excited to be apart of the RBC GranFondo Whistler this summer. There’s so much happening around this year’s Sea to Sky bicycle festival, I barely even know where to start!!!

How ‘bout here…

This year I’m volunteering with the medical team. Talk about an awesome job!! My role is to ride the course, provide first aid (hopefully no casualties), and officially drink beer at the finish line. I knew this position was for me when I volunteered for the Granfondo Kelowna earlier this summer. I remember seeing the bike medics pull into the finish line full of smiles and then enjoying a few cold ones. Man was I envious! Not only did they get to ride the course, but as soon as the race was over… refreshments!!! Ahh the life! Thanks to Dr. Sian Spacey for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the team. Whoa Yeah!

The other role I’m involved in this years “Fondo” is the rider package program. My job to assemble and distribute 7000 rider bags with the help a small army of volunteers. Inside the rider bags are all the free sponsorship items like coffee, chocolate, water bottles, socks, batteries and the like. After stuffing them full of loot, we will then distribute them one by one when the riders come through the plaza to collect their dockets & timing chips. It’s actually a 3-day process, a BIG process. Go commercialism!!!

The Sea to Sky Highway

As a Vancouverite born and raised, I’ve often driven up and down the Sea to Sky highway on my way to and from some of BC’s finest destinations. So, to have an opportunity to ride my bike on a lane dedicated to just cyclists, the GranFondo has become a very exciting venture. The extra appeal for me is that I would not typically ride the Sea to Sky. In the past due to the huge amount of fast paced highway traffic, an almost non-existent bike shoulder, and crazy tourist drivers have all been things that have kept me, and my bike from riding the 99. But now with major highway improvements, a proper shoulder installed, and a lane especially dedicated to the GranFondo, this Sept 10th is now awesome way to safely spin the highway, and take in some of the most amazing scenery that British Columbia has to offer.

The Event Company

I gotta tip my hat to Toit Events. I’m constantly amazed at the creative energy, dedicated hard work, tight team cohesiveness, attention to detail, and never ending enthusiasm in order to create, produce, and vet every detail to deliver an event like this. After seeing them in action, and visiting the Toit headquarters, I gotta shout out to Kevin, Neil, Sian, Alison, Johanna, Matt, Liz, Kaileigh, Lindsay, Krista, Stephan, Alex, Bruce, Janice, Chelsea, Baily, Lindsey, and Jen. ... “Hell yeah!!”

The Volunteers

An event like this couldn’t happen with out the help of volunteers…. 805 of them to be exact. (Holey Shit!! that’s a lot of volunteers) To volunteer is a great experience, which I can personally testify is a great time. Why so fun? I got the chance to meet some really cool people, I got fed and watered, and received some really cool Lululemon clothes that has gotten me a lot of recognition since I’ve been wearing them around town. And last, it might sound a bit cheesy, but I got a lot of satisfaction in knowing that I was a cog, albeit a small one, that helped create a fantastic event that everyone seems to know about.

So, if this interests you, Toit still needs a few more volunteers this week. Please go to the volunteer registration and sign up for the time of your life. You’ll be happy you did.

See you on Race Day,