Friday, August 23, 2013

Eat Less to Live Longer? Maybe...

Eating a low-calories diet may one day be widely promoted as a way to live longer. For decades, science has demonstrated that laboratory mice live longer on low calorie diets. A study at the University of California, Riverside, showed that even older mice, at 19 months, lived 42 percent longer than mice on standard fair after their calorie intake was reduced. Those on lifelong calorie restriction live even longer, up to almost twice the average lifespan. Cancer in mice on restricted calories typically happens later in life, and grows slower than mice on average diets. It's still uncertain whether all of the same low calorie benefits are available in humans.

Dr. John Holloszy from Washington University reports that calorie restriction (in humans) has "a tremendous effect on the risk for atherosclerosis". People who take in about 60% of the daily calories consumed by the typical North American diet - score the lowest percentiles of the population for heart disease, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and body fat.

Refueling your body, and restoring vital nutrients is essential for everyone. However, the Spartan diet requires a plateful of discipline....

Some tips:
  • Pay more attention to when you are eating your meals
  • Stay away from sugary soft drinks and stay hydrated with water
  • Avoid subscribing to "no-carb" diets
  • Don't eat too much animal protein or deep fried foods
  • Eat more greens, vegetables, and fruit
  • Put less on your plate and wait 10 -20 mins before going back for more
  • And last, my biggest difficulty...  sugar is highly addictive, do your best not to indulge in sweets everyday.
Hope that helps