Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bentall FloorPlay 2012

Saturday November 24th 2012 we kicked off the second annual Bentall FloorPlay Tournament. What’s this you ask? Well, we first conceived the idea for a ball hockey tournament in 2011 to try to take advantage of the 12 levels of parkade which resides at the back entrance to the Athletic Club. The parkade is often empty after business hours and with some careful consideration, we decided ball hockey was most suited for our underground sporting arena. Voila – FloorPlay!  So, this year’s event was a huge success and big thanks to the 10 teams and 4 sponsors for coming out and bringing such enthusiasm and fun personalities to the event.

It seems our equation for success was simple and timeless…  Hockey, Music, Beer and Pizza!!!

Before I tell you more about the proceedings of event day, I want to tell you a little more about our partner and charity for the event: Inspire Health. They are an integrative health care clinic in British Columbia that provides cancer care programs for all walks of life. Whether you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, or have someone close to you who’s been affected by cancer, or even just trying to decide what are the best choices to avoid cancer… then InspireHealth is there for you.

InspireHealth is a group physicians & health care professionals who have created cancer care treatment and wellness programs to manage people’s care based on the newest knowledge and evidence based research regarding cancer and prevention. They coined the term “thrivorship” which implies that thriving in your life through a healthful diet, physical activity, stress management, psychosocial support, community involvement, and avoidance of environmental toxins, are all key ingredients to avoid cancer, and recurrence.

We’re proud to report at we collectively raised $3430.00 for InspireHealth through the 2012 Floorplay event. Also big congratulations to Mike Pover at Rize Alliance for winning the Bentall Shield who personally raised $625 as well through his team the FloorSkins raised an astounding $1075. Wow excellent work!

Last, the winners of the 2012 Bentall FloorPlay tournament was Architrix Design Studio in a nail biting 13-12 finish against KPMG. The score was actually tied 12-12 at the final whistle and went on a further 6 minutes of sudden death overtime. It was amazing to see two teams so evenly matched and perform under pressure. The stick handling was near perfect and it was amazing to see the hockey skills and occasionally the ball magnificently plucked out of the air off the stick to save a goal. Voted Most Valuable Player  for the tournament – Chris Guy, and Man of the Match David Hasson for ripping in the tournament winning goal.

Best Attire and Team Spirit: Multiple Scorgasims

Overall Ranking
1st: Architrix Design Studio
2nd: KPMG
3rd: Marsh
4th: Shockers ( BC Paramedics )
5th: SmytheRatcliffe
6th: Floorskins
7th: Abbarch Architecture
8th: Multiple Scoregasms
9th: Panthers

A big thanks to the Sponsors: SmytheRatcliffe, KPMG, Marsh, Architrix Design Studio, Arbonne: Johanna Hunt and Annka Raskin and Dj All Tunes.  Thanks to Robin Russell, Mike Hall, Greg, Bentall Kennedy, Bro Jake at Rock 101.9, InspireHealth, Lionel Wilson, Sinead Keane, Dale Walters, Brian Kaplain and Ben and the Rigside Lounge…  This event would not be possible without you.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

2012 FloorPlay Ball Hockey Rules

Hello Ball Hockey Enthusiasts! Just a little update regarding the Event set for Saturday, November 24th 2012. The Bentall Centre Athletic Club will open at 9am to Welcome you, and get the ball rolling! For the next hour, we'd like you to get the members of your team organized and waivers signed and warm up. At 9:45am we will all gather in pakade for a little kick off, and the first Ball will drop at 10am.

Please remember to bring warm clothes and perhaps a Blanket and your dancing shoes as it can get chilly in the parking lot between games. Food and Beverages will be provided to all teams from the Ringside Lounge.  The event is expected to run until 4/5pm. A final draft of tournament schedule will be posted here by Thursday, November 22nd. 

 Bentall FloorPlay Rules

4 on 4 Ball Hockey. Seven Per Team

2 x 10 minute half’s. 5 mins between games

Waivers signed by before tournament by all FloorPlay hockey participants

Gloves will be worn at all times.  Helmets and eye-wear encouraged

One female per team, and each female must attempt to play the equivalent of one half per game.

Closed toed shoes are mandatory

Free shot at center will be awarded as penalty for any of the following infractions:
i)                   No body-checking or over aggressive contact. 
ii)                 Checking a player while retrieving a ball from the corners is prohibited.
iii)               No sticks above the waist (as a normal high stick is shoulder).
iv)               No handling the ball in front in defense or in front of net.
v)                 No goal tending or stepping into the goal crease by either team unless the ball has already entered the crease.
vi)               No diving. All Players shall remain on their feet.
vii)             One cannot score from your own side of half.