The main premise behind physical fitness is finding something active that you love to do - And Doing It!… Plain and Simple. Whether it’s the movement that captivates you, the results that drive you, or the environment that appeals to you - Having some joy in it will make all the difference.

For some, that’s easier said than done. "How do I tap into the love for it?" And even if that’s easy for you, making physical adaptations to your body requires consistency and effort among a few other things. Consistency means sticking to an activity several times a week. And effort…oooh! I’m tired just thinking about it... But yes, it means putting in the intensity required to initiate the change.

For some, you might not believe that it’s possible. Or, you may be asking yourself: Where does all my hard work go? Is it really making a difference? Why should I bother? Am I improving? How could I be better? Are there ways of improving my program? And, what does it take to make the changes happen?

These are all questions I can answer for you – Beginners or Elite. As a Kinesiologist and the Athletic Director at the Bentall Centre Athletic Club my aim is to see you achieve your best. By using proven diagnostic technology, I will quantify in three broad categories of your aerobic fitness, your body composition, and your musculoskeletal ability. I will then take the time to accurately document and clearly explain where your fitness lies. Through visiting my clinic you will see how your body adapts to regular activity through strategies we create which are effective and fun. Moreover, by booking a session you will begin to tap into the fitness opportunities at the Club and start taking advantage of our professional team of trainers, sports professionals, coaches, athletic therapists, lifestyle classes, and select training facility- You can be a Witness to your Fitness.

Elements of Athletic Testing

Aerobic Fitness:
Blood Pressure and R.H.R.
Cardiovascular Risk Analysis
VO2 Max – mCaft Protocol – Sub maximal
+ Normative Comparison for age and gender

Body Composition:
Lean Body Mass
Body Fat Percentage
Metabolic Rates and Activity Analysis
+ Healthy Composition and Normative Comparison

Musculoskeletal Fitness:
Upper Body Strength and Power
Peak leg Power and Wattage
Healthy Posture Analysis and Core Strength
Flexibility and ROM analysis
+ Healthy Musculoskeletal Analysis and Normative Comparison