Monday, March 21, 2011


If your eyes stay open when you sneeze; you've had too much coffee. How much Caffeine a day do you consume???

Love it, or leave it, here's the facts. ..

8 - Decaf brewed coffee
38 - Coke
40 - Espresso
41 - Dr. Pepper
47 - Diet Coke
54 - Mountain Dew
60 - Green Tea
75 - Dark Chocolate bar
85 - Instant Coffee
90 - Coffee Ice Cream
120 - Energy Drinks
130 - Pain Relivers
150 - Large Cappuccino
200 - Regular House Coffee
240 - Large coffee-house coffee
I'll have an Uh-mer-i-kan-oh!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Bentall Kennedy Fitness Month 2011

I'm writing an additional blog for Bentall Kennedy fitness month which I will duplicate and post here. It's a corporate wellness program that utilizes the H.F.A. - Health and Fitness Appraisal system I developed with Robin Russell at the Bentall Centre Athletic Club; aaaand it incorporates over 30 days of engaging fitness, wellness, and outdoor adventures for 250 corporate employees in the Bentall Towers. Whooo Hoooo !!!!

I think it will give you a great sneak peak at the corporate event & recreation planning that is available in Vancouver through JHDesigns Event Co. and Witness Your Fitness wellness consulting and the Bentall Centre Athletic Club.

Here's my first corporate blog post with much more to follow through the month of April 2011.

I'll add the itinerary so you can see all the great events we have planned this group this season.

"Welcome to another great year of Bentall Fitness Month. This year we'll have to re-name it Bentall Kennedy Fitness Month, but either way it's going to KICK ASS!!!

FIT in as much as you can ( pun intended )