Friday, January 30, 2015

"Walk This Way!"

"Talk this waaay"... - by Run DMC and Aerosmith. Are some of the most memorable and magical  music videos in my 1980's MTV watching era. Speaking as a proud product of Generation X,,, it was somthing about the baseline and those kick-ass adidas shoes that made it so cool to me, and then there was Steven Tyler. Check out the video here to see what I mean:

Well, today I found another something special that I that resinates really well with me..  or at least my feet.

Lechal are sleek, futuristic smart shoes that can help people find their way. Pronounced lay-chull or "take me along" or in Hindi, is the world's first interactive haptic footwear. The wireless-enabled shoes or insoles have sensors in the footbed that enable them to send and receive Bluetooth signals, providing a link to Google Maps. The designers say this enables travelers, runners, adventurous, or visually impaired to keep on their intended path through vibrations in the left or right shoe which indicate a desired path. In addition, these gems supply online information about caloric expenditure and distance traveled, calories burned, or keep you on pace by buzzing your feet if you start slack off the ol' pitter patter.

Lechal insoles can be used a regular insole and help in your daily activities.

I want some. And I can't dancing in my chair.