Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The High-Performance Pyramid

Some people thrive under pressure. Others wilt. Is the reason all in their heads? Sustained high achievement demands physical and emotional strength in addition to a sharp intellect. To bring the mind, body, and spirit to peak condition, executives today need to learn what world class athletes already know: that recovering energy is as important as expending it.

Many don’t see the importance that exercise has on not just the physical but also emotional and mental components of life. Without a doubt your physical health is important in order to maintain your body’s mobility and ensure the strength of your heart and cardiovascular system. But, are you aware of the aspect of mental health that is inherent in allowing your mind to recover through physical activity?

For instance, have you ever suddenly found the solution to a vexing problem while doing something ‘mindless’ such as cycling, gardening, or singing in the shower? That’s the left brain-right brain shift at work there – it’s the fruit of mental oscillation. By shifting your attention away from your business, and away from focusing on the demands of work you allow your mind to recover. By participating in regular vigorous activity one can produce a sense of emotional wellbeing, which in turn clears the way for peak mental performance.

If there is one quality that executives seek for themselves and their employees, its sustained high performance in the ever-increasing pressure and rapid change. However, the source of such performance seems to be elusive as the fountain of youth. What makes people flourish under pressure and others fold?

Well, many of today’s approaches only seem to deal with people from the neck up, connecting high performance to cognitive capacity. However, by building on ones physical capacity (from the neck down), you build the bodies endurance that also promotes the mental and emotional recovery and which creates the internal climate that drives the Ideal Performance State.

At the Bentall Centre Athletic Club we have developed corporate health and fitness programs that we bring directly to your place of business. These "in house" programs are designed to teach you and your staff about your own physical, emotional and mental health in order to help you perform to your full potential, and get tapped into the Ideal Performance State.

For more information regarding this opportunity to be involved in the Corporate Health and Wellness Programs at Bentall or the Vancouver downtown core please contact me at the info listed on this page... or contact Robin Russell at rrussell@bentall.com


  1. Do you think medical plans should be reduced and health related programs and/ or incentives be put in place?

  2. If the Government puts more fiances to subsidize real health-care programs like athletic therapy, leisure sports and exercise facilities, we will diminish the costs associated with today's typical "Sick-Care" system.

    An example of this might be in Switzerland where the fitness levels are better and the average medical spending per person was $3895 in 2009. Whereas in Canada where obesity and physical inactivity is some what more prevalent, the medical spending per person was $5452 last year.

    I think if medicare would cover more funding towards personal training, wellness consultation, and engaging recreation opportunities, the shift will eventually tip the scales back the other way.

    Besides they are charging us HST on fitness these days, so why not stream some of that funds back our way?

  3. this looks like plagiarism from the making of a corporate athlete article

  4. Hey you're right! Thanks Jim Loehr, and Tony Schwartz. This blog is about the promotion of health & wellness through physical activity, and not the accuracy of citations. But thanks for your comment. Besides, looks like they borrowed this one from Maslow.